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Solo Show - Luca Artioli

The work of Luca Artioli is  rooted in themes which have always been dear to the founder of the Internation Museum of Vintage Boats: a love of nature, attention to history and tradition and recycling. 
The title of the exhibition describes above all the way in which he develops his collages: the fragments, strips of paper, are recomposed in an instantly recognisable form (often animals but also portraits) and interconnected by the images contained in the fragments themselves.  
Symbols, religious effigies and decorations interrerlate in order to tell a story, evoke a feeling and an imaginative process which has at its centre the common matrix which generates all things: spirit and love.
Looking at these pieces means passing from a macro vision, that of the subject represented, to a micro vision, that of the details which make it up, an invitation to simultaneously perceive the shape and the fragments which are its cause of.
Luca Artioli feels it is crucial that there be an increased awareness of an intimate connection between all beings so as to deveop an attitude which is truly sustainable, empathic and respectful in order to transform the apparent “fragmentation” of the individual, society and nature.
On the occasion of this exhibition, we also present the recent project @artiolisworld, a collection of artistic t-shirts in certified sustainable 100% organic cotton. 11 animals, each with their own little story, printed and embroidered on these t-shirts.
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Luca Artioli collage

Il Progetto

Il progetto si propone di raccontare la storia della nautica di un territorio ricco di storia e cultura, quello della Lombardia e del Lago di Como, con la sua straordinaria raccolta di oltre 400 imbarcazioni.