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Two millennia of nautical history.

A unique heritage like no other in the world, the fruit of years of living and learning on Lake Como and the resulting collection of inestimable value for the nautical sector and Italian history.

The museum is destined to form the flagship for an ambitious project of a boat collection without equal in Europe.

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Season 2022


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A hall dedicated to the myth


03.01.2021 permanent display
Novità 2022:

Venetian Gondolas on Lake Como

15.04.2022 permanent display
Andrea Maria Mantica

Material in Transit

09.04.2023 31.10.2023
17h00 - 19h00
giugno sabato

One hundred years hidden under the lake

Museo Barca Lariana

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The great commitments of visionary industrialist who changed the modern word

The museum of the larian boat talks about the great commitments of visionary industrialist who changed the modern word

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Carlo Nasi

Carlo married Caterina Agnelli, daughter of the founder of FIAT Giovanni Agnelli. He owned the boat EOLO-ROSETTA.

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Giulio Cesare Carcano

Carcano, a life with a capital V

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Carlo Erba

The father of the modern pharmacy


Il Progetto

Il progetto si propone di raccontare la storia della nautica di un territorio ricco di storia e cultura, quello della Lombardia e del Lago di Como, con la sua straordinaria raccolta di oltre 400 imbarcazioni.